Monday, 26 April 2010

Honda Summer Festival, May 1st, 2010

Here comes again, Honda Summer Festival, on the beach in front of our hotel.
Starts from 12 pm until 12am. But might actually ended around 2-3 am.

I have some images from the last event to show.

this was where the stage set up. It should be the same spot this year.
The setting up started about a week before the actual concert starts.
200,000 people will join this event.
there might be more this year due to the stressful situation in Bangkok.
People might want to get loose a bit.

many gigantic speakers are all around the beach to guarantee the fun.

I recommend you all to join and have fun.
It can be a blast, if you like loud noise and big crowd.
The most important things is to keep things clean.
the municipal office can clean but there is no perfect.
cigarette butt and broken glass bottles can last long in the sand.
Please help cleaning your own and the garbage around you after the concert.
Don't know how much junk drained back to the sea. Hope it will not be like this again this year.

I hope this will ask the organizer to put a real care to the beach,
so people will be happy when they come back, the beach will be able to welcome all the tourists all over the year. the event and the organizer themselves will be praised.