Sunday, 15 May 2011

our seminar rooms

hello all,
I am doing a brochure for our seminar rooms.
we have 3 different kinds of rooms in our hotel
to serve different group size and needs.

first is Morakot room,
located at the first floor. you may notice a big room that
you walk pass before you go to the beach.

morakot room is the biggest room we have and it also
connected with Talay-Terrace which is right in front of the beach.

second it called Tubtim room. located on our 16th floor.
this is our smallest seminar room with the largest view.
take a look at the view from the tallest building on Takieb-bay.

this golf course just finished last year. it belongs to the military.
contact our front desk, if you interested to check out their green.

the third room is Pailin, located on the second floor.
you always walk pass this room when you go for breakfast.
sorry for the pailin's picture. It will be uploaded here pretty soon.

keep in touch

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


wish you all a healthy and lovely year 2011.
here are some images from our new year season.
we have one fun thing added to our hotel.
a foosball table. it costs 20 thb per 9 balls.
please stop by and try playing it.

as you can see, our beach bar is doing very well.
we make the food there in competitive price.
my favorite is always a pork fried rice and a hamburger.

maybe i should write review about the food there really.

keep in touch.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

green, growth & few more colors

Dear all,

When was this garden started?
We are in the rainy season at the moment and our smiley garden is greener than ever.
Seeing these trees grow makes my mind grows bigger.

When will you come back to visit?

keep in touch.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

new photos taken yesterday for our upcoming sale booth this 29 july 2010

Dear all,

I am preparing a display for our booth this coming July 29th, 2010, at Sirikit Convention Center.
I'll put more detail about how our promotion will be very soon.
But for now, I took few photos here, yesterday (17/7/10) to put together a slide show.
There are 40 pictures. Should be a good update about how we are living with the weather here.
Hope you enjoy them.

Keep in touch.